Leigh (leigh_adams) wrote in bwfd_ldws,

Challenge Six Results!

The votes are in, and the winners of the sixth challenge of our RUMBLE ROUND here at bwfd_ldws have been chosen! A huge thanks to the eight people who voted this week!

And now, what you've all been waiting for...

The WINNER of Challenge Five is gelsey with "The Autumn of His Life." Congratulations!

MOD'S CHOICE for this week goes to gelsey with her drabble, "The Autumn of His Life." Congratulations!

The top five competitors after CHALLENGE SIX are:

1. gelsey with +64
2. goeungurl with +48
3. starstruck1986 with +38
4. mollywheezy with +33
5. illusionrain with +18

Author names will be up at the voting post shortly. Thanks to the writers for their hard work and to the voters for coming out and showing their support! Remember, we're taking a week off for Thanskgiving, so check back on December 2nd for CHALLENGE SEVEN!

Tags: results, round two: challenge six

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