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Round Two: Challenge Four Voting

Voting Is Closed

The drabbles are in, and it's time to vote!


♥ If you are a contestant, you are required to vote.

♥ You are not allowed to vote for yourself.

♥ Please enter the number of your most favorite and second most favorite drabble in the voting poll. Please enter the number and NOT the title!

♥ Remember the prompts when voting:

Winter Winds by Mumford and Sons


This picture

Winners will be announced on Wednesday!

Author: starstruck1986
Title: Princess
Words: 100
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

“Zis ees stupid, Bill!”

Bill stopped, turning around to look at his girlfriend. She was almost blue.

“I told you to put something thicker on,” he said pointedly, looking her up and down.

Muttering something incomprehensible beneath her breath, Fleur threw a filthy look at two nearby telephone boxes, topped thickly with snow --like Christmas fruit cake.

“Planning to use the phone?” Bill asked with an amused smirk.

An annoyed huff caused Fleur's breath to rise in the air.

“You're such a little princess.” Bill shook his head disparagingly.

“Moi?” Fleur coquettishly asked.


Author: goeungurl
Title: Dreams of a Woman
Words: 100
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: Love you, mods!

Not wanting to show Bill (or his mother) her tears, Fleur blindly fought her way through doctors and nurses before finally escaping into a snowy London street.

Bill. Her Bill. His handsome face forever marred. Her girlish dreams of having a perfect husband shattered.

A fresh flow of tears followed the now icy trail forged by the first set.

She found refuge in a phone booth on the corner. Inside, her sobs subsided as she let go of her childhood fantasy. Stepping outside, she embraced the dreams of a woman.

It’s still forever with the man I love. My Bill.

Author: illusionrain
Title: Simple Happiness
Words: 100
Rating: PG
Warnings: None, except kissing.
Author's Notes: Used picture prompt.

His back hit the glass of a telephone booth and cold, wet snow melted through the fabric of his thin shirt. He had been wearing robes earlier, he was sure of it, because he never went out in such mediocre clothing in winter. Fleur’s finger were in his damp hair and her other hand was flush against his chest. Bill couldn’t remember why they were here or how they ended up like this, but he knew he didn’t want her to stop, her kisses warm and comforting in contrast to the chilly, frostbitten air.

Author: gelsey
Title: Warm Her Up
Words: 100
Rating: R
Warnings: snogging and touching
Author's Notes: Hard to come up with, fun to write.

Bill’s hand rested on Fleur’s back as they went into the Ministry’s phone booth entrance. Decorum ended when the door closed. He pressed her against the side of the booth as his hand slid lower.

“Bill!” she protested. Her arms twined around his neck, however, and his thigh slipped between hers.

He kissed her, thrilling at the sensations she evoked. A noise caught his attention, and he opened his eyes as he kissed her neck. In the next snow-covered booth stood Charlie. His brother glared jealous daggers at him through the frosty glass. Bill simply smirked and kissed Fleur again.

Author: mollywheezy
Title: Winter Snow
Words: 100
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

Never sleeping well in hotels, Bill awoke at dawn. Slipping from beneath the covers gently to avoid waking Fleur, he peered out the window. A blanket of white snow now covered the city. In the light of the rising sun, the clean white snow glittered like diamonds, transforming the dinginess of the London street. Bill knew, in a few hours, workday traffic would mar the shining snow leaving only dirty, gray slush. For now, Bill stared, drinking in the beauty of winter.

"Beel? What are you doing? It's cold outside. Come back to bed, and I will keep you warm."

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