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Challenge Six: Voting!

It's Voting Time!

The drabbles are in, and it's time to vote!


♥ If you are a contestant, you are required to vote.

♥ You are not allowed to vote for yourself.

♥ Please enter the number of your most favorite and least favorite drabble in the voting poll. Please enter the number and NOT the title!

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Title: Puzzles
Words: 497
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None, I think
Author's Notes: Interesting prompt this time around, mods!

Fleur found a tiny slice of home in a small café tucked deep in London. It wasn’t quite Muggle, though a few Muggles came for coffee, tea, and nibbles frequently. She found it quite by accident, not soon after coming to work at Gringotts. The coffee was made precisely to her picky Parisian liking. It was, in a word, perfect for a homesick witch.

It was the first place she met him after she settled in. Fleur hadn’t, of course, moved here because of Bill Weasley. No, she had only flirted with the handsome man during the Triwizard Tournament; she didn’t know him, wasn’t involved with him. Though it had, perhaps, crossed her mind that she might run into him again.

But one day she entered the little shop, and there he sat, a small cup of thick Turkish coffee in hand. He looked infinitely weary, with his eyes closed and his nose buried in the cup, as if the scent alone could cure his exhaustion. For a moment, she could see what he might look like as an old man, and surprisingly it didn’t horrify her.

“Bill,” she greeted. He jolted from his reverie, nearly dropping his cup. She sensed more than saw him nearly draw his wand and discard the thought just as quickly. His shoulders relaxed when he recognized her.

“Fleur, right?” he said. His voice tried to be charming to cover its tiredness but didn’t quite succeed.

“Oui.” Fleur wondered what could make a handsome man like him hyper-vigilant. Perhaps those rumors she heard so much of at work. He was quite a puzzle. “Forgive me for intruding, but it is nice to finally recognize someone ‘ere.”

His smile was broad and genuine. “Well, it is wonderful to meet you again.” He hesitated only briefly. “Please, join me. I need some company.”

She sat, dimpling a smile. Their talk accompanied their mutual caffeine intake, or was it their coffee accompanied their talking? They laughed with each other, her at his very rusty Egyptian-accented French and he at her occasional twist on English phrases. It delighted a part of her, to see him start to shed his exhaustion and light up; she did not think it was due solely to the coffee.

But finally it was time to leave. She found herself peculiarly loathe to do so.

Wanting to see him again, she made a decision. She picked up a napkin and kissed it. “You like puzzles, oui?” she asked him, and he nodded, obviously puzzled. “If you would like to see me again, then, use this to find me,” she told him, laying the napkin, lip-print marked, upon the table next to his empty cup. A spell lurked, hidden, under the marks, a hidden map in the lines should he wish to find her again.

It didn’t surprise her a few hours later when he turned up at the door of her tiny office in Gringotts to ask her out on a date.

Title: A Kiss to Remember Me
Words: 498
Rating: R
Warnings: A bit of naughtiness ;)

When working at Gringotts, Fleur had seen Bill constantly. They'd eaten lunch together every day, sometimes with friends, but sometimes only with each other. They'd shared stolen kisses in their offices, secret looks during meetings, and there was that one time in their vault . . . Fleur allowed herself to daydream. Now that she thought of it, that particular time quite likely caused her current situation.

Fleur sighed. Being on leave, she missed Bill dreadfully. And she needed to use the loo. Again. Putting aside her knitting, she grasped the arms of her chair, and wrestled herself to a standing position. Clasping her hands under her gigantic belly, she waddled to the bathroom.

Upon returning, she slumped into her armchair, exhausted. After only a week at home, Fleur had knitted two blankets, half a dozen pairs of booties, a sweater, and several small caps—everything in pink and white, although Bill insisted they were having a boy. Fleur just shook her head and laughed. "I 'ope you will come soon, little one." Fleur caressed The Bump. She couldn't help but smile at Bill's name for their unborn child. Thanks to Molly's teaching, she certainly wasn't bored, but she still missed her husband.

Fleur needed a way to feel connected to Bill while they were apart during the day. He would be at home for the weekend. Hopefully Fleur would think of something before Monday.


Sitting at his desk, Bill pulled out the lunch basket Fleur had packed for him that morning. He had never brought his lunch to work, but as his dad had drummed into his head not to argue with your very pregnant wife no matter what she wants you to do, he did today. Actually, reflecting on some of the stories his dad told him about his mum, Bill thought he got off quite easily with only being told to bring his lunch to work and eat it alone in his office.

He opened the basket and gasped. Fleur had packed his favorite lunch foods; homemade Egyptian pita bread, Double Gloucester, a large pickle, and chocolate biscuits. Wow. Fleur hated Double Gloucester, so she'd bought it just for him. Bill smiled as he picked up the pickle, under which was hidden an envelope.

Bill opened the envelope, removing a lipstick-kissed napkin which smelled like Fleur's perfume. Bill inhaled deeply, and opened the note, taking a bite of pickle as he started to read.

Dearest Bill,
I knew you would select the pickle first, so I hid the note there. Although I would much rather be kissing your lips than a napkin, I wanted to give you a reminder of all of the kisses we have shared at work, to tide you over until this evening when I can kiss you properly.

As you are eating the pickle, imagine my mouth surrounding your . . ."

Bill dropped the note as he started to choke. Now he understood why Fleur told him to eat alone. He couldn't wait to get home.

Title: Attempting Serious
Words: 305
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Author's Notes: Enjoy!

“I’m not kissing on ze first rendezvous,” Fleur said when Bill leant over to her, perfectly shaped lips pursed expectantly.

He pulled back at once, startled, but then he grinned. When he lifted his cup of tea to his mouth it was more to cover his amusement than taking the last remaining sip.

Fleur didn’t regret her decision, though. She never had more fun on a date than together with Bill Weasley. He was funny, intelligent and his manners were far better than his predatory looks promised. The most intriguing fact was probably that he hadn’t immediately tried to hit on her when she had started working at Gringotts.

Maybe this was her chance to develop a more serious relationship for a change…

“I suppose you want us to go on a second date, then?” Bill put his empty cup back on the table. “Or is this the subtle, polite way to reject me?” He licked his lips, rosy tongue leaving a delicious shimmer behind. Fleur had missed the opportunity to taste the tea on Bill’s lips, but she still had the chance to taste it on his tongue. She just had to give in and… no, for the sake of a serious relationship she had to stay strong.

Fleur rose from her chair, reaching for a napkin. “I’m sure zat, eef you want to go on a second rendezvous, you ’ave good chances to get a real one.” With that she pressed the kiss which she actually wanted to give Bill on the napkin. Her lipstick left a print on the white fabric and Bill made sure not to smear it when he took the napkin from Fleur’s hand.

“I can’t wait,” he said with a smile.

Fleur smiled back, turned on her heels and walked with her chin proudly raised to the door.

Title: Sealed With A Kiss
Words: 275
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Author's Notes: Hover over the French bits to see the translations.

The note on the nightstand was pink. It said 'je t'aime', smelled of her perfume - jasmine and lilies - and was signed with a pale pink kiss.

When he finally managed to trudge into the kitchen, following the smell of coffee, he found the napkin next to his mug was signed as well. Fuchsia this time.

Bill's lips twitched. She was up to something.


"Outside, mon amour."

Bare feet padded against the worn wood floors of Shell Cottage as he made his way towards the front door and his wife. Her blond hair glimmering in the morning sunshine was his first glimpse of her and his chest clenched. It'd been years and the sight of her still affected him as it had since the moment he'd met her.

"Morning, love," he murmured as he bent to nuzzle his nose to her hair and press a kiss to the underside of her jaw.

"Ees Victoire steel asleep?" she asked, lashes fluttering.

"Mmm. We're safe from the terrible twos a little while yet," he said as he skimmed his lips toward the soft skin beneath her ear.

"That ees good," she told him. Bill could hear the smile in her voice as she arched her neck to allow him better access. "We should take advantage while we can. Eet weel be much more difficult soon, most especially after we are joined by another leetle angel."

Bill froze.

Fleur smiled and turned in her chair to look at him, hands coming up to cup his face. "You weel be Papa to two."

His smile was brilliant, and the kiss coloring his lips moments later was red.

Title: Twin Kisses
Words: 358
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: None

While Fleur was in the loo, Bill nabbed the napkin she had used to blot her lipstick. It was silly, he knew, but he liked this girl so damn much. He wanted to have something to remember her by, just in case.

When she returned, he braced himself to deliver the speech he'd practiced in front of the mirror the night before.

"Listen, I know a bird like you has her choice of men. You could be with some Quidditch star or famous musician or anyone you wanted. And I think I've got to tell you the truth. I'm not a cursebreaker anymore. I'm not going to be able to take you to Egypt or show you the Red Sea or bring you ancient treasure. My family's involved in something pretty big and they need me to be here, so I'm just a bloke with a desk job now. I'm falling for you pretty hard, Fleur. I really think this could be something. But if you're disappointed and you want to leave, I promise I'll understand."

Fleur nodded her head gravely, and Bill felt his heart sink. When she spoke, he steeled himself against the fact that he might be hearing her lilting voice for the very last time.

"You are right. I could be with almost anyone. I 'ave dated men who told me zey were celebrated Muggle movie idols and men who swore zey were next in line to be Minister of Magic. I 'ave been out with men who said zey were insanely rich and clever beyond measure and a million other things zat were not true. But until now, I 'ad never met a man who would be honest with me."

She pressed her lips against his cheek and Bill felt something like a seismic shift inside of himself. He knew she must have left a lipstick mark on his cheek, a stain identical to the one hidden in his pocket, but he made no move to wipe it away.

Fleur smiled and traced the outline of the kiss she had left behind. "I am not going anywhere for a long time, I think."

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